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The (alleged) pleasures of revision

It's just over a month now since I embarked on final revisions of SO DARK THE NIGHT.  Conned myself into thinking it was going to be a quick, light polish...and, of course, my perfectionism quickly mired me down.  And then there is the small matter of loving the two protagonists so much, I suffer a painful sense of loss and separation each time I come to the end of the book.  So I go back to the beginning and start over, shaving a word here, paring an adverb there, changing a semi colon to a comma, etc.

All the craziness led to a funny kind of interior dialogue that I've reproduced over on my Beautiful Desolation blog.  Crankiness erupting between me (editor) and Evgeny Nightstalk, narrator of SO DARK THE NIGHT.

Pop over and give it a quick read.  

Still anticipating having the print-on-demand version of SO DARK THE NIGHT available in early 2010.  The definitive version, with new blurbs extolling my unique genius and fantastic cover art by Ado Ceric.

Yer in for a treat, folks...