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Saying Good-Bye

I went through a grieving process after I completed So Dark the Night. I missed my two central characters--Cassandra Zinnea and Evgeny Nightstalk--like two old friends. For days after I finished the manuscript I waited to hear their voices, referee their exchanges. But they were silent. There was nothing left to say and the story was told.

It was horrible.

In all honesty I think that's why it took me 3+ years to finish So Dark the Night. I dragged the process out (unconsciously) because I dreaded the day I would have to part company with two characters, two people I'd come to know very well.

Is this an unusual situation, falling in love with your principal actors? Coming to regard them as flesh and blood, grant them quasi-human status and pine for them when they're not around? It is for me. Usually I can't wait to put a story or project behind me. But Evgeny and Cassandra haven't been so easily banished. All those years of banging away at the manuscript, trying so hard to make it seem effortless and uncontrived...perhaps it's not surprising that certain attachments were formed. A kind of "Stockholm Syndrome" effect.

Something tells me I'm not done with Evgeny and Cass. So Dark the Night cites numerous other cases, opportunities to bring the pair back together. We've formed quite the bond, the three of us. It would be hard to resist teaming up once again. I like their moxie and judging from the notes and reviews I've read to date, other folks do too.

Never say never...