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Now That I am Eight & Forty

Something changed this summer.

I've started taking note of beauty. Natural beauty. No straight lines and enclosing fences. A grand chaos of smells and noises and sensations that can only be found in places far from the madding crowd.

It didn't used to be like this. Summer was the busiest time of the year for me.  My wife would take off with the kids, visiting relatives, ten days away from home, while I sweltered in my small, upstairs office, slaving over the latest manuscript, working myself into a state of near collapse...then getting up and repeating the process the following day.  Not pretty.

But I seem to be acquiring some wisdom with age.  At this point, three weeks into July, I've traveled to both northern Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan...and not only that, I enjoyed myself.

That's right, this workaholic actually didn't mind being away from his work for extended periods of time.  Shocked?  Well, if you'd like to know more, go over to my main blog, Beautiful Desolation, and read on.  There's pictures and everything...

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Welcome to the age where you

Welcome to the age where you learn to appreciate BEAUTY :–)

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About time

All I can say, Katherine, is that it's long overdue.

Think I'll pause awhile, smell a few roses, before jumping back into the thick of things again.

Thanks for the note and enjoy your summer.