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My new novel is...a western?
"The Last Hunt" Cover Art

The wonderful thing about being an independent author is having the freedom to choose what projects to work on and not having to countenance arguments from moron editors and greedhead agents, who would much rather you write the same old same old and just shut up and cash the checks.

Unfortunately, that freedom also accords you the opportunity to do absolutely crazy things like, well, for instance, write a western novel. 

That's right, western novel. Yes, I'm perfectly aware that my last two books were supernatural thrillers and I've never, in fact, attempted anything even remotely like an old tyme cowboy tale (with the possible exception of a short story, "Strays", which is surely too weird to qualify).

But I've loved westerns since I was a kid;  "Two Mules For Sister Sara", "The Wild Bunch", "The Long Riders", are cinematic masterpieces to me and they also sport marvelous story lines.

Which is what drew me to The Last Hunt, once the initial ideas started percolating earlier this year.  I wanted to tell a simple, straightforward, fast-moving story.  The idea came together very quickly and I've just completed a pretty solid draft.  My imprint, Black Dog Press, will be releasing the book later this year.

For more details, pop over to my main blog, Beautiful Desolation.

And if any of you can suggest works about the Old West (circa 1884) I might not be familiar with (books or movies, fiction or documentary), drop me a line.  Looks like I'll be visiting Montana in July for a little extra research, scouting locales, etc.

More updates as required. 

Watch for The Last Hunt in October, 2011.