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Mourning Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is gone. Wow, it's hard to conceive of the world without him.

He was the first writer I can recall loving, the first whose works I sought out.  I'm feeling pretty emotional today but I've managed to cobble together a bit of an appreciation for the Master, you'll find it over at my blog "Beautiful Desolation".

Hope you'll chime in with your own thoughts on Ray's passing.

I feel privileged to have shared the same planet with the man.

God bless you, Ray.

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An inspiration departed


Back in the 70’s, I remember reading “The Martian ChroniclesandSomething Wicked This Way Comes” for an English class, and I was so captivated with Ray’s imagination and deep inner vision.  I have to say that Ray’s stories gave me the inspiration to seize my creative being to dig deeper within myself that sparked my inner psyche to want to write.  Often, when I admire the moon, I silently recite his words, “And the moon be still as bright,” as to connect in some cosmic way with Ray’s insight to something clandestine that I secretly connect to. 


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Mr. Bradbury

I think his career encompassed seven decades so it's quite extraordinary to ponder the amount of influence Ray Bradbury had on generations of readers.

He's been described as inimitable and I think that's exactly right. There can only be one Twain, one Vonnegut and one Bradbury.  Original and unique and we won't see their kind again.

But we've been privileged to know them through their work and their legacy is unassailable.

They've left their imprint on human conscioussness and they'll never, ever be forgotten.