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A bit of an update re: Terry Fallis. You'll recall I posted about his becoming the first indie (self-published) author to win a major Canadian literary award.

Well, Terry's unexpected victory has earned him a new, high profile agent and a deal with venerable Canadian publisher McClelland and Stewart.

Funny, this is the same novel that everyone passed on, Canadian publishers and agents giving it the cold shoulder. Maybe because it's a work that employs satire and humour, virtues that would be lost on the dingbats who are the gate-keepers of Canadian publishing. The sad thing is, McClelland and Stewart's edition will undoubtedly carry the Leacock Award-winning stamp...when they, in fact, had nothing to do with Terry's victory.

Regardless, good on Terry for persevering and congratulations to him for landing an agent and publisher. May this be the beginning of a long and distinguished career in the field of literature.

Take heart, indie writers everytwhere, the tide is turning and publishers and agents everywhere are the equivalent of King Canute, trying to hold back a surge of unprecedented power. Terry Fallis' victory left them gasping and flopping about like beached fish (in keeping with the oceanic metaphor); they either adapt, evolve...or leave their rotting carcasses along the shoreline, their foul stench a warning to those who cling to old, atavistic impulses.

A pox on them all...

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Yeah, Indie Author!

But now that he has crossed over to the man will he still be the same? Just something to ponder. Of course, who am I to judge. I am constantly casting my line out there dangling my manuscripts hoping to land the big one. I'm praying for a big mouth grouper named Simon and Schuster;)