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Indie writing/self-publishing gains credibility

My pal Gord sent me a recent article from the Globe and Mail, an update on Terry Fallis.

I've blogged about Terry:  after having no luck finding any takers for his novel Best Laid Plans, he self-published through iUniverse.  The book went on to stun the Canadian publishing world by becoming the first self-published effort to win a major Canadian literary award (the Stephen Leacock Medal).

No sooner had he collected his prize than he also collected a prestigious Toronto agent and, in short order, a contract with a major Canadian press.

But none of that would have come to pass had Terry not gone the indie/DIY route.

A lesson there for all of us, methinks.

Here's a link to the G & M article on Terry Fallis. 

I think you'll find it fascinating...and inspiring.