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Indie Writers and Self-Publishers Take Heart!!!

This just in:  for the first time (to my knowledge) an indie book (i.e. self-published) has won a prestigious literary prize here in Canada.

The Best Laid Plans by Terry Fallis defeated some big name contenders, including Douglas Coupland, to scoop up the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour. 

Terry Fallis Wins!

Mr. Fallis' novel was turned down by every publisher he approached, agents gave it the cold shoulder, so first he podcasted it and then had iUniverse print up a book version. 

Can you hear the screams of outrage from traditional publishers, who just felt the ground move beneath their feet?  Good on Mr. Fallis and fuck those idjit publishers who, as I've said all along, wouldn't know a good book if it kicked them square in the balls. 

BIG changes are ahead and the trads are going to have to rethink their strategy if they don't want to get swept away like daily newspapers thanks to the new technologies.

So, hey, indie writers, draw hope and solace from this latest piece of news. The old modes of thinking are changing and we can compete with the trads, stomp them out of existence. The revolution is coming, brothers and sisters, and those arseholes in Toronto and New York are starting to wake up to the threat the indie movement poses.

We're coming...and nothing is going to stop us.