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"I hate new movies!"

There, I said it.  Strolling through the "New Release" section of a movie store, having to sit through coming attractions is absolutely painful to me.  I'm appalled by the poor quality of movies these days and seek classic cinema from eras past.  Well, here, I just posted about it over on my WordPress blog.  Pop over and see for yourself...

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Ugh. During the game last week, I thought I'd scream if I saw another TOOTH FAIRY ad. . .oh, well. It's almost time for the Sundance Film Festival.

Julie Hooker

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Bring back Bogie & Bacall

I watched some old 40's goodies and one of the best war movies I've ever seen, Samuel Fuller's "Steel Helmet", in the past couple of weeks and not much in contemporary cinema can compete.

Good to hear from you, Julie...