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How to Save Publishers From Themselves

Just published what I think is a foolproof strategy for saving the publishing industry, dramatically improving book sales and presenting a wider, more diverse pool of writers.  This article appears on my blog, Beautiful Desolation.

But will those dumbies in New York, Toronto and London listen? 

The readers have spoken--book sales are plummeting and those books that are published are of no interest to casual readers or discerning bibliophiles.

 Have a look...and tell me what you think.




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But Will They Listen?

Very good blog. I have given thought to many of these ideas previously but they have always been pooh poohed by the different publishers. I also understand the mentality of the wannabe writers and editors at the various firms. Politics has a great deal of influence here as well and many publishers have their "special" agents. Good luck with your idea though you will only be banging your head against the wall. I'm not being negative, I'm being realistic. The overwhelming amount of junk that comes across acquisition managers' desks is profound. The only method I have found that empowers my sales is to do lectures, seminars, etc. The distribution channels are another source of badinage and indie publishers are hard pressed to even get a "showing" of their wares. Even with the advent of POD an indie still has to deal with the anomalies of youtube, myspace, facebook, etc, to get a message across. Blogging has become an utter annoyance as there is  very little of relevance in more than 99% of them. Readers are left to sift through and determine for themselves what is good or not and for that you have to have time to waste. It is not hard to fathom the reasons for the drastic drop in retail sales either. Times are changing and with technology such as Kindle, etc, why carry a book when you can keep a major tome in your pocket and whip out your Blackberry. Not to forget mentioning that it is much cheaper. However, keep up the good work and let me know if I can assist you in some sort of collective effort.

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Thanks, Stephen

Appreciated your thoughts and, you're right, I doubt very much if corporate publishers will change their tune...and it may already be too late for them. That's why I closed my post with a "Going out of Business" sign. The notion of letting READERS choose which books are potential best-sellers, not brain-dead editors who have spent the company coffers on bombs and derivative hacks...too radical, man!

Thanks for note and words of experience. You're right, it's up to every author to get their name out there, promote themselves, do the groundwork, create the buzz. Then, if the publishers do come calling, we can command a far better price.

Hang in there and, of course, write on...