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Creating music with Garageband

I am a convert.

It took ages for my wife to convince me to upgrade my antiquated computer.  Since I bought this iMac last summer, my eyes have been opened.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have seen the light and I am here to testify on behalf of the amazing things this device allows me to do.

For the past number of years I've felt limited by the printed word--not all the time, but often enough that occasionally I have to wander off and splatter some paint on a canvas, create a collage, what have you.

This iMac and its attendant capabilities allows me write, draw, paint (after a fashion), edit short films, watch movies on-line, download music, create music, podcasts...

My latest musical offering is now posted over on my blog at WordPress.  Hope you'll zip over and have a look.  You'll find lots of music and spoken word stuff on the "Audio" page of said blog, as well as links to some of our short films.  And, natch, tens of thousands of words of fiction, free for reading and downloading.

See you there...