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China: Future Looming

I read a fascinating article on the CBC News page today, its author Patrick Brown.

Brown is an old hand in the Far East; he's even fluent in Mandarin Chinese. While the West may regard China's economic ascension with green-eyed envy, that ancient land has had to pay a steep price for its rapid development. There are more and more environmental horror stories, the damage inflicted long-lasting and stubbornly toxic. 

There's a new hand on the rudder in Beijing and after reading Patrick Brown's thoughtful analysis, I thought I'd sit down and write Premier Li Keqiang a brief note. Welcoming him aboard...and reminding him of the historical significance of signs and portents (and that even the mighty, sooner or later, must fall).

* * *

Message for Mr. Li

earthquake in Lushan
subterranean powers unappeased
ancient legends foretell
upheaval & change
new faces unstained by blame


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