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Two novels in one year.  Who'd a thunk it?

Just posted Of the Night on my site today.  An exciting moment which Sherron shared with me because, let's face it, she's the only one in this family who knows how the technology works. Jpeg? PDF?  Huh?

Not only have I published two novels this year, I've published two good novels.  And that's a thrill.  My pact with my readers holds: always present them with the best work I'm capable of, regardless of the blood, sweat and tears it costs me. 

This appears to be the second book in the "Ilium cycle"--an unintentional quasi-series of semi-connected narratives that seems to be developing. I like Ilium--it's basically Earth Prime with a few extra amenities and attractions not mentioned in the tourist brochures. It may be rotting away in the rust belt but it's ground zero as far as the paranormal is concerned.

Check out the opening line of the novel...and when you look up, I'll bet ten pages have passed...