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"Beautiful Desolation": The Movie

After long hours spent shooting and editing a rather daunting amount of footage, I have now completed my latest cinematic effort, a short film titled "Beautiful Desolation".

I cannot offer enough thanks to my wife, Sherron, and my youngest son Sam, who talked me through the process and helped me whenever the technology befuddled me.  Sherron and I shot footage with two separate cameras--I'll be the first one to admit, some of the best shots are hers.  She's an amazing visual artist.

The final result is an eight minute meditation on isolation, abandonment, Nature reclaiming her own.  Visual images married to an unsettling soundtrack...the question that keeps coming to mind:  where are all the people?

You can find the video here, in the "Video" section of this blog, or you can pop over to YouTube and view it there.  Play it full-screen and play it fairly loud to get the desired effect.

And then pop back here and tell me what you think.  "Beautiful Desolation" isn't for all tastes, but if you can get into it, it's a pretty mind-blowing experience...