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Back from my brief book tour (older and wiser)

I have returned from my brief sojourn to the neighboring province of Alberta and I am delighted to report that I managed to convince/cajole a number of the best bookstores in Edmonton and Calgary into stocking copies of my new novel, So Dark the Night.

Shelf space comes very dear but I think, once again, the cover really helps sell the book and indicates that it was created with a great deal of thought and effort.  The managers I spoke to were all impressed by the professional "look" of my novel. 

So now we'll wait and see.  So Dark the Night is getting out there and shows signs of life on Amazon (the Kindle version is doing far better than the physical book).  A colleague on a self-publishing site I check in on periodically wrote recently that we (as indie writers and publishers) have to be patient and give time for word of mouth to create a "buzz" for our books.  Good books have legs and three years after his novel was posted on Amazon it has started to take off.   Can I wait that long?  Sure, I can.  After all, I've already been in the biz a quarter of a century.  Hell, three years is just a drop in the bucket.

For further info on my Alberta jaunt, check out my main blog at WordPress.