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Automatic Writings

I love automatic writing.  Putting pen to paper with no advance planning, no preconceptions, just letting the words flow.  I've referred to the resulting efforts as "seismographs of the unconscious" and I think that's pretty accurate.  I'm often astonished at the insights the poems and short prose pieces I've written in this fashion grant me.  Many, many "Hmmmm...." moments.

Last night was another "open mike" session at our local library.  I attend to encourage other folks to summon the courage, stand before the rest of us and bare their soul before the pitiless gaze of fellow authors and--

No, no, it's nothing like that.

Last night I read three short pieces that--and this is very rare--my wife hadn't read in advance.  She heard them for the first time along with the rest of the audience.  

Here's a link to my main blog, where I've reprinted the prose and poetry I read last night.  Pretty funky stuff.  Drop a line or two, let me know what you think...