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A new "Zinnea & Nightstalk" story for Christmas
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Yes, indeed, my Muse has been a regular Kris Kringle this year, gifting me with a new "Zinnea And Nightstalk" story, just in time for Christmas.

I get letters and communications from folks quite regularly, asking me when I'm going to write another adventure involving my daring duo of supernatural detectives. Finally, after a lengthy silence, "Finding Charlotte", a case from their first months together, set during the Christmas season.

To read and/or download a copy of the NEW Zinnea and Nightstalk mystery, pop over to my main blog and have it. Free reading for one and all.

And if you like the story and would like to experience a full-length Zinnea and Nightstalk mystery, make sure you check out my novel, So Dark the Night.

Merry Christmas to colleagues and readers. All the best in the coming year.