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I am thrilled. I am exhausted. I am a little melancholy. I am ... done.  The hesitation is because I have finished the first draft of the fourth Dulcie Schwartz and Mr Grey mystery, tentatively titled GREY EXPECTATIONS. But as you and I know, that really means I have a ton more work to do. First,...
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All cats are not created equal. While Cyrus was a quiet cat, the dignified, strong and silent type, Musetta is a little loudmouth. In fact, since we were just away for a week, she's been quite chatty. Some would say demanding. And last night, I realized something. More than the barristas at the...
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One of the wonderful things that happens when the writing has gone well is that on re-reading you discover you were writing more than you knew. To explain, as I'm re-reading  Probable Claws,  which is simply intended as a fun mystery, I'm realizing that the theme of commitment and its opposite,...
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WOOT! I've finished – at least I think I've finished – the first draft of Probable Claws. It's a little over 86,000 words, which seems pretty hefty for a cat mystery! Too big? Hmmm.... Tomorrow I start reading it through to see if it makes sense.
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Hi, everyone! Hope your holidays have brought you all the treats you desire and no lumps of coal. As we begin the countdown for 2008, I thought I'd cheat a little and re-post something not quite new. A version of this ran on Linda L. Richards' blog , where it sparked quite a few comments. Most of...
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