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Reinaldo Arenas
During my college days my roommate Mayra Suarez, whose family immigrated from Cuba, would bring back her grandmother's delicious black bean and rice, fried plantain bananas and fried pork to share with me.  That was the extent of my knowledge about Cuba, until the Mariel Boatlift in 1980, when...
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Li Po, painted by the artist Liang Kai (13th C) My stepmother, a spunky woman, lived well into her late eighties.  During the last years of her life she complained about her weakened memory and was concerned that she would lose her mind before her body.  "Read poetry."  I suggested...
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Xu Zhimo The vast resource of foreign films and documentaries from Netflix have been both educational and entertaining for me.  I am especially drawn to the ones on artists and writers.  Films like  Black White + Gray, Camille Claudel, Modigliani, Quills, I the Worst of All, Seraphine are...
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Friends and family puzzled over the announcement that I have written a memoir.  "I thought memoirs are written by people who have already lived a life."---was the general sentiment, and, "What have you done in your life to fill three-hundred pages?"  Do my friends and family...
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My New York debut!  I will be reading at the Cornelia Street Cafe on Friday July 30.  The Pony reading series is hosted by Jackie Sheeler.  It begins at 6pm with open mike and my feature reading will be around 7pm.  These is a $7 cover charge.    Check out their calendar:  http://www....
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Sahara sunset
Angar Mora presents Salon for Wooing Our Imagination!  Monday, July 12 from 5:45 - 8:30pm.  Cafe Arrivederci, 11G Street, San Rafael, CA.  Cover charge is $7.00 cash, include a 25% discount on all purchases of beverages and food.   This salon will feature Clara Hsu, poet, and Dorf, painter.  Clara...
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On Monday, June 28, Christopher Bernard and Ho Lin will host Caveat Lector Night.  I will be the featured reader and will read poems and excerpts from my memoir, Sand and Water, a Woman's Journey Into the Sahara.  The film "Bab'Aziz: The Prince Who Contemplated His Soul," directed by...
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TV show with Steve Mackin
Oil spill, human conflicts and tragedies abound, it is hard not to be affected bywhat's going on around us. I hope the world in its turning will find a better tomorrow. About three weeks ago, I spoke to Karen, one of the owners of Mission Pie.  She remindedme how we first met--at Clarion Music...
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Clara and Bill performing The Mystical Path
The Mystical Path on TV and Podcast Lunation's Mystical Path, performed by Bill Mercer and me,  will be shown on channel 29 on May 13, 7pm and May 19, 7:30pm on Channel 29. You may alson view the entire program on John Rhodes's podcast/TV:  http://mysticbabylon.podomatic.com/Please take a look and...
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