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Claire Hope Cummings's Biography

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Marin County, California
Sep 2011

I am an author, environmental lawyer and journalist.

My interest is in finding and telling the stories that connect us to each other and the land. Currently I am writing about social change and how it can help us make our way forward in this chaotic and climate ravaged world.

After practicing environmental law for over 20 years, I turned to journalism and have written for print, radio, television and film. My book won the 2009 American Book Award, the Mary Klinger Award and I shared an award for a radio documentary in 2011. My primary value is the inherent integrity of the natural world. The theme of all my work has been land conservation and the preservation of traditional land based cultures. I'm married with three grown children, four grandchildren, and I live in an oak and bay woodland where I love to garden.

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