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(Written for an 8-year-old):    It's a good job birds can fly, 'Cos if they couldn't, they would die. Them cats would get them with their claws (Those nasty things inside their paws.)    It's a good job cats don't have wings, Or they'd be up to all sorts of things, Treating the skies like their second homes, Swooping around and crunching bird bones.    Yes -...
Short-listed for 'The Shiva Naipaul Memorial prize'
Varanasi (or ‘Benares’, as she used to be known before the exit of the British), 300 miles south-east of Delhi and situated on the banks of the  River Ganges, can only be described as an assault on the senses. Never before have I experienced such feelings of pure hatred; never before has one city left such a powerful impression on  my soul; never before have I...
For Nacho Duato
  Sometimes, In the middle of all the clamouring going on in my ear, I want to hear Your silent voice.
Copyright Claire Elizabeth Terry, Barcelona, Spain, 2003. All rights reserved.
Spanish film director Isabel Coixet, interviewed for Dancing & The Thing of Being.     Dancing & The Thing of Being is a series of interviews about people's perceptions of being: the degree to which they're conscious of being alive, and the effects that this awareness is having on their lives and work.   Let's dance! ...