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Franz Kafka goes New Age

 On the way out, K. observed on the wall a dark portrait in a dark frame. (The visualisation that morning had been less successful than usual, he observed. "I must concentrate on projecting 'Light, light'" he chanted in an agonizing - yet curiously upbeat - Tibetan overtone.) He had already noticed it from his bed, but unable to discern any details from that distance, he had thought that the actual picture had been taken from the frame, and only the dark backing was to be seen. ("Appearances are, indeed, deceptive, for that portrait does not, in reality, actually exist. It is merely a projection of my own dark thoughts", he reminded himself, sturdily.) But it was indeed a picture, as now became evident, the half-length portrait of a man around fifty. ("You're only as old as you think you are!" he wanted to shout at the man. But then he remembered that the man no longer existed. Although his portrait did. But only in K's mind. Or not? He was confused for a second, but then smiled at his own waverings and cleared his mind by concentrating on the simple power of NOW!) He held his head so low over his chest that one barely saw his eyes, the drooping seemed to be caused by the high, ponderous forehead and the powerful, crooked nose. His beard, pressed in at the chin owing to the position of his head, jutted out farther below. His left hand was spread out in his thick hair but could no longer support his head. (A fleeting thought cast its shadows across K.'s  mind, "Should I try that position at home?" But, instead, he focused his mind on the present - the only moment which counts): "Who is that," asked K., "the Count?" K. stood before the picture and did not even turn to glance at the landlord, (for the man's energy told K. he was in the presence of an emotional vampire, and in, many cases, they were even harder to defeat than the ones outside the Castle's walls.) "No," said the landlord, "The steward." To be continued ...

(Excerpted from 'The Castle'.)


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