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Apr.13.2012 - 4:22 pm
In the Spring of 2011, I arrived at the Banff Centre for The Arts, to undertake the 'Writing With Style' program, a seven day residential writing course. There were...
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Jan.26.2012 - 4:40 pm
For the past few years, to the amusement of my closest friends and lovers, I have been heard to say"oh, that's the future calling the present/past into being". You would not be...
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Nov.25.2011 - 7:14 am
Porters on the Kokoda Track (PNG)
My most treasured photographs are those of my father, even more cherished since his passing almost two years ago. My favourite was taken at the Calcutta zoo, when I was...
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Nov.18.2011 - 9:27 pm
Until now, I have not understood the meaning of the tyranny of distance. It is almost three months since my return to my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. During this time, I have...
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Comments from Cindy

Sep.03.2011 - 4:25 am
In response to: Cameron's "culture of fear"
I do love the way your mind works, Farzana! I have been out of the loop so to speak, because of returning to full time...
Sep.03.2011 - 3:59 am
In response to: First day of school for a real Lulu
If only all teachers were "sweet sunshine" and more students were willing to "wage war against boredom" and survive...
Aug.17.2011 - 10:48 am
In response to: Of Bananas
Seriously, I go bananas over your writing. In 1986, Paul Keating, an Australian politician said this about the...
Aug.17.2011 - 10:19 am
In response to: Cameron's "culture of fear"
Outstanding commentary, Farzana. I don't know where to begin with my response. There are so many insightful ...
Aug.11.2011 - 8:16 am
In response to: On bored Amtrak
I enjoyed this post for many reasons. There is indeed something unique and appealing about train travel, the 'romance...