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Oprah’s Farewell: the grand finale to the Oprah show aired in North America last week, and despite the hoopla, it weighed in as only the fifth largest online events of 2011, behind Osama’s death, the Royal Wedding, the Super Bowl and the Oscars. This ranking was measured by total amount of...
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In the course of the past two weeks, I have made numerous attempts to sit at my blogging desk and knock out a few posts on the various topics that have simultaneously raised my eyebrows and my ire. Despite my passion for these issues, I have been unable to produce the goods. Instead, I found myself...
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During my adolescence, I was exposed to numerous print and film texts based on World War II, in addition to stories told by my mother and grandfather, of their experience of air-raids and rations. At high school, we studied seminal literature such as 'The Diary of Anne Frank' and 'Night' (Elie...
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I have an antipathy towards spruikers, and yet I empathize with their predicament. After all, sometimes a vendor simply has no other choice but to shove their wares in your face and hassle you until you submit to the pressure and enter their store, at the very least. I admire the boldness and ...
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Tuesday morning I awoke to the sight of an upside down Maple-Leaf on the facebook profile picture of one of my Canadian friends. My heart sank for her, and for millions of her compatriots, many of whom were venting on Twitter and Facebook, ’sobbing into their Cheerios’ and...
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The past four days have been a gift, a profound learning experience, the significance of which I know will be felt long into the future. There are 36 writers here, some have been published, others on the verge of publishing, and the rest, like me, daring to dip their toes into the ocean of talented...
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I can hardly contain my excitement, so I simply have to share it with you all. I was accepted into the poetry section of the 'Writing With Style' residential program at the Banff Centre For The Arts. First time ever that I have undertaken such an intensive course of writing, under the guidance and...
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One day I might spend a summer working in an orchard, picking fruit. I imagine this would be exhausting, yet rewarding work, to labour in the outdoors, under the warm sun, surrounded by foliage, using your hands and knowing that you are contributing to the cycle of life. I think I might...
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We use the term halcyon days in a nostalgic sense, to describe the seemingly endless carefree days of youth. These fun-filled days of our childhood may have been as brief as an afternoon playing in the street with the neighbours’ kids, a school sports event, a day at the beach with friends or a...
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By this stage you may be wondering when I am going to get off the ‘P’ train. Admittedly it is the ‘flavour of the month’ for me, as I have recently immersed myself in the topic of ‘multiculturalism’ and racism. I have participated in anti-racism training, engaged in numerous...
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Throughout my childhood, my mum and dad told me many stories, about their respective upbringing in Northern Ireland and India, how they met and the origins of their beliefs and values. Unfortunately, I don’t remember too many of these stories, but the ones that have stuck are...
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This post has been a long time coming. In recent months, the people of the world have been subjected to the forces of nature and subjugated to the politics of fear. Earthquakes, floods and tsunamis in New Zealand, Australia and Japan, revolution in Egypt and Libya, and...
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The strangest thing happened while submitting the piece I had written for this topic. I lost it somewhere in cyberspace. Normally I would compose my blog posts in a word document, then paste it here. This time, for some reason, I chose to write straight into the entry space. Gone. Never...
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Yesterday I looked through my closet for a purple shirt. And much to my surprise, there was not one to be found. Anyone who has known me for the past 25 years would be slightly shocked at this wardrobe malfunction, as purple was once one of my favourite colours. I even owned a pair of purple...
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As much as I have needed to vent about the burgeoning ‘boat people’ issue on Australian shores, for some time now I have resisted, out of concern that I might open the floodgates of my frustration, despair and rage. Today I realised that I was being ruled by fear of the unknown. This very same...
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