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Endangered Species (A Creature called Privacy)

Once upon a time there was a creature called Privacy, who lived in the hearts and minds of many. Privacy was a close relative of self-respect, decency, and honesty. Privacy lived quite happily behind closed doors, only venturing into the public forum when it became absolutely necessary to share the truth with an appropriate audience. You see, back in the day, it was much easier for Privacy to survive, because it was protected by laws, and monitored and policed by other endangered creatures such as morality, empathy and discretion. Privacy understood and upheld the rights of each individual to a fair trial, it respected the need for confidentiality in some matters and it trusted in the judicial system to support people if problems arose. Privacy was a cousin of modesty, pride and dignity but when people began to seek fame and fortune by any means, the cousins became estranged and people started acting in very arrogant and undignified ways. Some people suffered more than others and some people took advantage of legal loopholes, and secured the support of corrupt institutions, issuing a brutal and often relentless attack on Privacy. The mass media became scapegoats of course, with the paparazzi being amongst the worst offenders. Surveillance cameras ensured that Privacy would be extinct in public spaces and fear of terrorism guaranteed that everyone and everything would warrant suspicion and inspection. Just when Privacy was looking extremely vulnerable, along came the internet to launch a full scale assault. Poor old Privacy had no hope at all.

The vast wasteland of Cyberspace has gradually swallowed it up and spat it out, along with millions of innocent, unassuming victims. The genie is out of the bottle and we are all drowning in one giant fishbowl. Privacy is rapidly becoming a relic of the past. Thanks to 'bare-it-all' platforms such as the tabloids, television talk-shows and reality TV, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the writing is on the wall. In fact, the private lives of every individual are now posted on the wall, literally.  It seems that the only remaining hope for salvation depends on the wisdom of the elders, those who could recall what Privacy felt like, in days gone by. Unfortunately, this process of rescuing Privacy will require a collaborative, concerted effort to save other equally as endangered species such as trust, integrity and freedom of speech. The enormity of such a rescue mission will require the troops to be called in. If you would like to enlist or donate some much needed wisdom, please join our Facebook group and contribute in any way you can. You don't need any qualifications, just a little sensitivity and an ability to know the right time and place for disclosures and when to keep your mouth shut.