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Best Photo Ever
Porters on the Kokoda Track (PNG)

My most treasured photographs are those of my father, even more cherished since his passing almost two years ago. My favourite was taken at the Calcutta zoo, when I was three years old. I have a grumpy expression on my face and my papa is trying to console or cajole me.  The image may be captured in my imagination and forever held in my heart, yet I am grateful to be able to hold the picture itself, with its crinkled edges and fading sepia tones. The digital age of photography has resulted in less shoe-boxes filled with faded memories, now stored in vast online repositories and shared with the masses.  These days, thanks to digital SLRs, I take thousands more photographs than I would have in the past, and am rapt that I can so readily access and view them. Yet in this immediacy and ease of viewing, the fragile, ethereal and illusive nature of the visual image is somehow lost. Still, the magic of photography lies in the transience of the moment captured and preserved forever, or at least as long as there remains someone to download, share or turn the pages of an album. As long as we retain the urge to remember. One of the most memorable moments of my life was in 2007, when I had the privilege of walking the arduous and unrelenting 96km Kokoda Track (in Papua New Guinea) with sixteen adolescents, thirty Papuan porters, some members of the Victoria Police Force and media personnel. My photographic record of those 8 days in the jungle contains some stunning vistas, striking portraits and engaging action shots. Taken with a relatively basic camera, technically they are far from my 'best' photographs, but I am proud of these images because of the associated journey, the forged bonds and the physical, mental and emotional challenge endured with every step/snap taken.

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great photo

Love the mountains in the distance, and the absolute clarity of everything in the shot.  It's like an Old West street and a LOTR street at the same time!