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Until now, I have not understood the meaning of the tyranny of distance. It is almost three months since my return to my hometown of Melbourne, Australia. During this time, I have felt displaced, searching for a sense of home, yearning for the life I had created over in Edmonton, Canada, missing my community of friends. And longing for my writing desk. My return to the world of full time employment as an educator has stymied my writing habit, but I have managed to attend a few writing courses and maintain my personal blog. Unfortunately, in the chaos of the re-settlement process, something had to go, so I chose to neglect my Red Room community. I have been away from myself for far too long already. I hope I can reconnect over the next few months.

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Welcome back

Nice to hear from you.  The good thing about a community, it's always waiting for you when you ready to come back.


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welcome back


Hope you find your sense of home soon. That's a big move you've made. As the queen of inertia, I'm impressed.