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Melbourne, Australia
Nov 2010

For the past 25 years, I have been scribbling away in my ‘golden books’ (journals) and tapping on computer keyboards, documenting the major and minor events and experiences of my adult life. This has been mostly an introspective exercise, with an audience of one and a purpose that was more cathartic than creative. From July 2010-August 2011 I was residing in Edmonton, Canada, a long way from my home town of Melbourne. Returning from this rich experience has afforded me a deeper understanding of my sense of home. I have a natural tendency towards writing creative non-fiction, personal essays and poetry. I enjoy expressing my opinions and engaging in intelligent debate on a range of issues.


Rainer Maria Rilke; T.S. Eliot; ee cummings; Rumi; Emily Dickinson

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Blogging, Reading & Writing Poetry, Watching Films, Laughing, Thinking, Dancing, Photography, Being and Doing, Teaching and Learning, Conversations, Field Hockey, Golf, Singing, Cooking, Wine Appreciation