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Favorite Books

The Borrowed Years, Smiley's People, Russia House, 31 Hours, The Thin Red Line, We Were Soldiers, the Island of Seven Cities, The Gallant Cause

What I'm Reading

This Way Madness Comes

Favorite Authors

John Le Carre, William Manchester, William Shirer, Masha Hamilton


My first influence was the late Henrietta Blake. Her class in creative writing was the first step of my writing journey. Brian Henry and his writing classes in Toronto provided guidance and critical support. The journey would not be possible without the support of my wife, Suzanne. 

Writing groups in Ontario, Florida, Georgia and Iowa have all added their bits of spice.

Lastly, there was the influence of those writers that keep me awake nights reading their books; John LeCarre, Elmore Leonard, Robert Parker and William Manchester, just to name a few.