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When Your Someone Like Me - poem

The way of false calm,

It's easy to do.

Spread it like a constant soothing balm,

With whatever you do'

Then you can do wrong.

Someone like me,

Can use it all the time,

Always and always,

To make the wrongs feel right.

Ya, i know the sooth of the false calm;

But later when you really are calm,

The balm that now covers you,

Releases all that it hid,

From all those wrongs that you shamelessly did.

When your someone like me,

The balm is addicting;

And i always, always had it with me,

Applying it thikly.

The balm turned harsh,

And made the cold nights even longer.

It won't be washed,

And it'll all get harder.

- Only if your someone like me

  And from that feeling, you'll never be free.