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The World

As I look outside, I saw a flock of birds flying away, apartment buildings shone dimly, and a shade of dark orange, the last soul of the sun. As the sun sets earlier and rises later, I began to think about night. The long, dark and cold night at the beginning of winter.

I always wondered how my eyes pierce through others, examining them and concluding how they were feeling, how they were act, and what kind of effect their actions caused to me.

I think humans are a strange creature. Humans and their kin disputing with each other. Hating. Despising. Arguing. Nothing, nothing peaceful comes from their existence. They trampled on us like we’re nothing but a green lushness to comfort their feet. And our fellow friends and families! They cut them off their head and body, tainting the beauty granted from our beloved mother. And as if it wasn’t enough, they also tainted mother’s beauty. They put on her layers and layers of covering and they also hurt our mother by stabbing her deeply all over her body.

How despicable! How evil! They trampled on others’ life just to prolong their sinful and sad existence. They never ceased to fight among themselves, thus waging around destruction and greediness to everything around them.

Now our mother is dying. Her last cried of agony had been made heard and done. We, all of her children, understood that mother couldn’t last any longer. But could they hear mother’s agony? Could they understand?

Our songs are no longer peaceful, our voices are no longer harmonious, and there are parts of the songs we had forgotten about it. The harmonious and melodious choir we used to be had been in a disarray. The great conductor, our mother, is already dying; she couldn’t lead the choir anymore. And when she died, our fated destiny is doom.

Doom is approaching, quick and merciless. Our voices have sung it through the sky, doom is coming, doom is coming. Fear struck our hearts, made us trembling and quivering in an upcoming agony. Our songs now weren’t songs of joy, peace, and tranquillity anymore, we sang the songs of fear, sadness, and sorrowful quietness that is about to come. The darkness engulfed all of us in fear; our lives are at stake… and no one, no one is going to save us. No one.

Our existence was no longer considered by them. They wouldn’t even give a little thought about it. We can only sang our songs through the gentle blow of the wind, and could only hope that our songs of agony could be heard by them.