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The Girl who Wants To Fly

Once upon a time, in a beautiful and green countryside, lived a happy and peaceful family of three. The family consisted of a caring and kind mother, a hardworking and gentle father, and a cute and helpful daughter. They earned their living by tending their small farm. Every day was a peaceful and they kept working in their small field happily.

But one day, when the daughter saw a flock of birds flew in the air, she began to have a strong desire to fly. Every day, when she took a rest after she finished her duty, she would ran to the wide grass field and lied down there, watching the sky. Every time she did this, she would stare at the sky, wondering what lied in the sky.

This habit continued even though the weather changed. Summer passed, autumn ended, and even during the cold winter, she would lied down in the field, watching the sky.

Every time she watched the sky, her desire to fly grew stronger and stronger. Her parents grew worried about their daughter, because she spoke less and less about herself. Rather, she would stare back at them blankly, as if her mind went off somewhere else.

So the daughter, wanting to fly so badly, on Christmas Eve, she prayed to God so that she’d be able to fly. She prayed so wholeheartedly that an angel that happened to pass by heard her prayer and touched by her sincerity. After the daughter went to sleep, the angel flew in her room and whispered in the girl’s ear.

“My sweet little lambs, I will grant you the power to fly. So now, have a nice trip.”

As the angel finished his words, the daughter’s body began to float in the air and flew out of her house through the window. She flew higher, higher to the sky.

And by the time the daughter opened her eyes, she was so surprised about the fact she could flew. She was far above the farm she live; she could barely see the people or the animals below. She shifted her views and she saw the most magnificent views she ever saw. The vast greenery, the majestic sunrise, it created such a great impression on her that she thought it was so awesome to fly.

She was so happy about the fact that she could fly; she began to fly further away from her home. She flew further, further, and arrived at a fun fair. It was a big fun fair; there was circuses, popcorn sellers, balloons, cotton candies, and lots of weird attractions. She was so excited to see such a big fun fair existed that she wished to get down at the fun fair. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get down on the earth. She just floated in the air, hiding in the clouds, only watching the fun fair from the above. She was so sad that she couldn’t participate, but she kept repeating to herself that it was okay, next time there would be another big fun fair and she definitely could participate in it. After the last light was turned off, she flew away from the fair ground.

She was so tired, and the sky was so cold. She couldn’t land in the grass, and nobody was beside her to comfort her. She began to feel lonely and missing her mother and father.

That night, the girl slept in the lonely and cold sky. She cried in her sleep, she didn’t want to fly anymore, she only wished to go back to where her family were. The angel came again to the daughter; brought her back home and removed her ability to fly.

When she woke up, the first thing she saw was her mother was hugging her tightly and her father stood in the shadow, wiping his tears. She held her mother back and cried, asking her parents to forgive her for missing.

And after experiencing this, the daughter never again wished to fly alone.