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Hi, it's Christy here. I'm just a rookie when it came to writing, but because I'm aiming to be a writer, I joined Red Room.

My family consists of 5, my parents, me, my little brother and sister. Currently, I'm staying abroad so the house at my hometown now only have 4 person active, to be precise, I think it's 3, because my brother's preparing for IPhO (International Physics Olympiade) he isn't at home now I guess.

People said that I'm quite the brainny one and so do my siblings. Well, I can say I am educated but brainny... don't really think so. I'm not that fond of study books and dwell on fictions, poems, essays, etc more often than I read my study books.

I take interests in history (world history) and music. I played violin, but not good at it (honestly) so I'm just the listening ones. I like a lot of different genres of music, a few of them are instrumental, classical, pop, rock, J-rock, Blues, alternative,etc.

I also love cooking, especially baking cakes. I'm not saying I'm good at it since I love to experiment a lot with a recipe, but it turned out to be quite good in the end. I love chocolates and brownies, and brownies are my best cake (because I made a lot of it during Valentine's day). I'm really fond of weird cuisines and I think I scared of some people when I take the guts to try a really exotic food (eg : fried scorpion, fried insects) but they tastes alright actually.

I'm a carefree person, not really good when it comes to anger management, well aware of my surroundings, nature lover, tough, have a lots of guts, and not quite modest but not too egotistical either. 

I believe in the sayings "you reap what you sow" and in karma. I also believe that every human being is good at nature. I can be pretty naive sometimes, but I also can be quite an adult for my age (that's what others say though).

In the end, I think I'll try to be a good writer here and I'm doing my best to achieve my dream to be a writer! =)