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Christy Heady's Books

Buzz:  How to Create It and Win With It reveals how anyone can become a master at self-marketing.  Techniques listed in the book show how to make a memorable entrance, attract the right kind of attention, and get others to take notice and listen.    
Discover the best way to prepare your own investment plan, get the most from savings, checking and CDs and invest successfully in the stock market with or without a broker.   An excellent beginner's guide - and refresher course - for consumers who want to invest with confidence and build their wealth.
An informative guide to help readers prepare their finances for the new millennium.
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Managing Your Money is a bellweather book that has been written since 1995 and includes four editions.  Each chapter covers a no-nonsense look at the world of money and teaches readers how to manage their finances smartly and without fear.   The book's purpose is to ensure that readers can save more on what they spend and borrow and earn more on...