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Fool Out in Paperback, New Book Coming in March, and Tour Date Information
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Hey kids,


Christopher Moore, Author Guy here.

Just a couple of news items.

First, Fool comes out in paperback today, so for those of you who have been holding off, go for it. For those of you who want to have a hardcover for your collection, you should probably grab one soon.

Second, I have a new book, Bite Me: A Love Story coming out on March 23rd and I'll be doing a national tour as well as four Canadian dates, the first time I've been back to the Great White North in ten years.

Full details for the tour (as well as a few FAQs) are here:


There are a few ticketed events, so be sure to call ahead to those venues if you plan to attend.

Before you go, "Wait, why aren't you coming to East Pisspants, South Dakota where I live? I want a signed book!" Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego will be taking orders for signed books and shipping them all over the country, we may even be able to personalize them. I suspect that Canadians need not apply. The link is here:


The ordering link goes live March 1st. Be sure to get your orders in early so they'll be sure to have enough books for me to sign when I get there.

Hope to see you along the road.

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YIPPEE!! I bought two

YIPPEE!! I bought two copies of "Fool" in hardback (at the Book Passage) but those were for KidTwo and KidThree; I've been waiting for a paperback copy for me. Not sure if I want to try The Book Passage again--the drive there last time cost me my windshield and we weren't happy with the help there--but maybe we'll give them another chance. Then again, maybe not. We could go to the first one at Books Inc. here in San Francisco. At any rate, we'll be there, somewhere, and you can personalize another book for "the best-dressed paraplegic in [our city name]." Looking forward to it.