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Review of "The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea"
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Red Adept
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5 Stars

The Middle-Aged Man and the Sea, by Christopher Meeks, is a short story collection with thirteen stories. It is a collection with the central theme of relationships.

Plot/Storyline: 4 1/2

For the most part, these stories did not have traditional ‘plots’. Most of them were simple short character studies involving relationships.

The relationships are a broad range from spousal to maternal. Tragedies abound in many of the works, but it is introduced so subtly that the reader must stop to contemplate each event.

This work is filled with terrific metaphors, detailed descriptions and skilled storytelling.

“The Scent” was my favorite. It was intriguing and had a jolt at the end. I also enjoyed “Green River”.

Two or three of the stories were rather bland and seemed to drag on longer than necessary. However, out of thirteen, that’s a pretty good ratio.

Character Development: 5 Stars

Each character in these stories is developed to the fullest extent possible in the space allowed. For the time it takes to read each one, you are catapulted into the mind and soul of the protagonist.

Writing Skill: 4 3/4 Stars

This book was written by a literary artist with a firm grasp of the English language and knows of all that it is capable.

The dialogue was a bit stilted in a couple of the stories, most notably the first one.

To be perfectly honest, the stories were not of my usual fare. While I did gain some enjoyment, most of my thrill came from the writing technique.

Editing/Formatting: 5 Stars

The editing was of commercially published quality.