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Review of "The Brightest Moon of the Century"
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Sheri Fresonke Harper
AC Arts & Entertainment

One of the best parts of the The Brightest Moon of the Century by Chrisopher Meeks is the realistic portrayal of a young man seeking to find his purpose in life.
Many readers weren't lucky enough to know at the age of five that they wanted to be doctors and then proceeded along a well-proscribed career path leading to success. The flailing quest is often more realistic for the majority of people. In The Brightest Moon of the Century, Christopher Meeks portrays just such a search, by the likeable hero Edward.

We see Edward through college, the search for the dream job and the acceptance of reality, a bail-out by his dad that takes him to the deep South and a huge set of problems, a lucky break that turns out unsuccessful but launches him toward long-range success and the love of his life. By the end of the story, we see Edward facing a midlife crisis with shock, and yet with the same deep internal values that have established his character throughout. The story captivates the reader with an ever-changing array of situations and problems that help us understand the problems of life that we all share with Edward.

The Brightest Moon of the Century by Christopher Meeks is a compelling read and a fun adventure into life we can share with a likeable hero.