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Review of "The Brightest Moon of the Century"
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Jen Karsbaek
Devourer of Books

About a year ago there was a collection of short stories called Months and Seasons making its way enthusiastically around the book blogging community. Luckily for author Christopher Meeks, since he sent his book out to so many bloggers, it was really good. It was a refreshing collection with characters you felt you’d known for a long time.

Not all authors can successfully make the jump from short stories to novels, but with The Brightest Moon of the Century, Meeks succeeds. The Brightest Moon of the Century is somewhat structured as a novel in stories, as we follow the main character, Edward, from ages 14 to 45 in nine chapters. Unlike some books I’ve read in this format, though, the story flowed logically from one chapter/period of life to another....

This is really a good read. In fact, if you’re ever considering picking up some of Meeks’ work, you can expect solid writing and an enjoyable story, so go ahead and give him a try.


"The lights flickered and smothered out, the floor seemed to shake, and the sounds of glass breaking filled the air. Edward imagined the whole building caving in on itself, and he’d be either crushed by steel beams and concrete or else sucked into the tornado and spit off toward the ground.”

- The Brightest Moon of the Century by Christopher Meeks, p. 218

(from "Tuesday Teaser" at http://www.devourerofbooks.com/2009/05/teaser-tuesday-the-brightest-moon...)