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Review of "Months and Seasons"
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Adnan Mahmutovic
Under the Midnight Sun (Sweden)

Christopher Meeks’ collection of short stories "Months and Seasons" is a good read.

It is interesting how the general narrative mode creates a sense of lightness even in descriptions of difficult moments. This gap between the narrator and the narrative is also, on my view, a source of the humor that permeates all stories.

I like the way Meeks creates a double perspective, as in the story of a dentist whose wife is hypnotized on stage. Thinking she is a chicken and being jumped by a man who thinks he’s a rooster, she provokes roars of laughter. At the same time the perspective of her husband is conveyed quite subtly, so the reader feels sad and embarrassed at the same time as s/he bursts out laughing at the silly scene. Meeks maintains this double-ness through all his stories. Just imagine a Dracula-clad man who has an accident on Halloween.