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Lisa Binion
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Ian’s life goes from bad to worse when he walks into a coffee shop located inside a bank to apply for a job.  While he is filling out the application, the bank is robbed by the infamous Busty Bandit.  She likes to detract attention from what she is doing by wearing low-cut tops.  So far, she has been successful.  When things take a turn for the worse and patrons of the bank end up dead, the robbers have to leave in a hurry.  They take a hostage, and Ian is their choice.  He figures his life is pretty much over.

He does manage to escape from them, but only because it seems one of the robbers has taken pity on him.

Along with a band of bank robbers, there is romance.  Ian is attracted to the FBI agent on the case, Aleece Medina.  But does she feel the same about him?  Aleece has her issues, but Ian also has a few.  His luck with girlfriends has been rotten lately.  Actually, he hasn’t had much luck with life.

The life problems of the bank robbers make them more real to me.  Could a divorce and a kidnapped child be the reason behind all of these robberies?  Would that in any way justify what has been done?

Being kidnapped would have a tendency to make one look at life just a tad differently.  And I guess it would even give one a determination to catch the ones behind the kidnapping and see them appropriately punished.  Ian does end up helping Agent Medina search for the bank robbers.  Along the way they learn a lot about themselves as well as the band of criminals. 

This story shows that our decisions, reactions to situations, and interpretations of the actions of those around us make us into the people we are.

Favorite Lines:
Stanislavsky also said, “The greatest wisdom is to realize one’s lack of it.”

The musical description of what Medina listens to while in the car is simply awesome.  “While her mother loved Bach, Medina loved Gershwin, and now the string section and a few subdued horns wound around each other like vines that knew where to grow.”