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Kate Eileen Shannon
Ranting, Raving, and Reading

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was not what I expected. I had come across Blood Drama, saw “suspense/thriller,” and got it for my husband’s Kindle. Then I read it and discovered it is not your average suspense/thriller. It’s much more like Hart to Hart or McMillan & Wife or to be more current, Castle. You have male and female protagonists who are very well-developed and likeable, and four bank robbers, two of whom you would like to see get away with it. That is what makes this book a bit different.

The antagonist(s) in a thriller is not usually so well developed. That usually falls into cozy territory where the antagonist is a fellow resident of the town. Here, you have two female bank robbers who have good solid reasons, if there can be such a thing, for robbing banks. It is only when one of the male accomplices gets trigger happy that things go wrong.

We have Ian who is the kind of guy you expect things to go wrong for: handsome and smart but still kind of a loser. In a bank full of people, you just know he is the guy who would of course be taken hostage. He had just been dropped from his doctorate program and is applying for a job in a coffee shop that happens to be in a bank lobby. To get a picture of Ian, all you need to do is read what he writes on a job application:

I am not a particularly avid coffee drinker, but your location three miles north of here, with its interior post-modern look of exposed ductwork and the vertiginous aroma of your dark Zambian beans excites me.

All that’s needed is a neon sign and arrow flashing “hostage” over his head. Aleece is a female FBI agent dealing with male superiors who would like to go back to old J. Edgar’s day and sent the ladies back to the kitchen. When Ian escapes, you just know these two will hook up. And when you read this book you will hope these two hook up again. And again. If ever a first book screams series, this is it. Like a country song that makes the pop charts, this is a thriller that will appeal even to lovers of cozy mysteries. Pick it up today. I give Blood Drama the full five stars. ♥♥♥♥♥