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Blood Drama - Highly Recommended
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Teddy Rose
So Many Precious Books

This is the third book I have read of Christopher Meeks and consider myself a big fan of his work.  The first two books of his that I read were, The Brightest Moon of the Century and Love At Absolute Zero.  Both are literary fiction with some smart romance and biting humor.  The characters in both are quirky.  I love quirky characters and biting humor.
When Christopher told me about his new book, Blood Drama, I wasn't sure what to expect. It a crime mystery thriller, not a genre I typically read.  However, as a fan, I wanted to give it a try.
Blood Drama delivered!  It is full of the quirky characters that I've come to expect from Meeks, especially the lead character, Ian Nash.   It is fresh and has the biting humor I also expect from him.  The book is well written and researched and flows well.  It takes place in California, Minnesota, and Winnipeg.  Since I grew up in Minnesota, I am familiar with all of the cities and some of the landmarks mentioned.  I always find that a fun aspect of a book when I am so familiar with the location.  I can certainly vouch for the authenticity of Meeks representation of Minnesota.   
The crime/mystery is easy-going and not heavy-handed.  IMO, the ending is pretty predictable but I enjoyed it despite that.  With Blood Drama, Christopher Meeks has proved to me that he can successfully cross genres and still entertain. 

Highly recommended:  4.5/5

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