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With a Little Help From My Friends (and Shameless Promotion)
Was Christopher Meeks singing at Woodstock?

My novel The Brightest Moon of the Century is here at last. It was supposed to publish on March 7th, but Amazon jumped the gun, and that's okay. I come to you with a favor. If you've been wanting to buy the novel, please buy it today, at Amazon, BN.com, or by asking your favorite bookstore to get it.

If you want to wait until March 7th to get it at my reading and publication party at Vroman's, that's great, too--or any other shopping day is fine. However, if you buy it from Amazon TODAY, I am hoping its ranking will increase. 

A lot of sales in a day brings attention at Amazon, and considering the marketing budget on this book is very low, I'm hoping you will start a grassroots effort, first by buying the book, and, if you like it, giving it away and/or writing a positive review on Amazon or BN.com. These days, marketing is fueled by the author in large part, and rather than grumble about the old days, I'm diving into these new days.

If you don't know about The Brightest Moon of the Century, it revolves around Edward, a young Minnesotan, who is blessed with an abundance of "experience" -first when his mother dies and next when his father, an encyclopedia salesman, shoehorns Edward into a private boys school where he's tortured and groomed.

Edward needs a place in the universe, but he wants an understanding of women. He stumbles into romance in high school, careens through dorm life in college, whirls into a tornado of love problems as a mini-mart owner in a trailer park in Alabama, and aims for a film career in Los Angeles. In nine chapters, you experience Edward's life from ages 14 to 45.

To my surprise, four reviews are already out.  Marc Schuster at Small Press Reviews writes, "The Brightest Moon of the Century is the work of an expert storyteller. The characters come alive, the writing sparkles, and the story of Edward's journey rings true through every twist and turn. A great and truly humane novel in the tradition of Charles Dickens and John Irving."

Grady Harp, an Amazon Top Ten Reviewer, wrote an in-depth piece, contrasting my short fiction with my novel and finding I'm one of the few to jump from writing captivating short fiction to mastering a novel. He says, "This is a fine novel, an engrossing story, and a group of indelible characters who linger in the mind long after novel's end. Meeks has done it again." 

Heather Figearo at Raging Bibliomania writes, "This story would be perfect for someone who appreciates the outright unpredictability of life. I have no doubt that Edward and his quest for fulfillment will be loved by many. In one word, outstanding."

Sam Sattler at Book Chase adds, "The Brightest Moon of the Century is one man's story, a very ordinary man, at that, but Christopher Meeks has filled that story with enough interesting characters and episodes to remind just how limitless and filled with surprises even the most ordinary of lives can be. Meeks's characters, and his slightly off centered view of life, continue to remind me of John Irving's early work, definitely a good thing." 

As I write this, the ranking is at 516,726, which is a better spot than when I announced Months and Seasons was available. Let's see how close to #1 we can get it. If it breaks under 90,000, I'm very happy.  If it breaks 65,000, where my last short story collection reached, I'm ecstatic.

If it gets below, 50,000, I don't have the words yet to describe it. Let's see where it goes. :)

Thank you. Without my friends and readers, I'm merely someone scratching on a wall with a nail.