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Literary Prizes--an approach to book marketing?

Last Wednesday in a New York City ceremony, short story writer Anthony Doerr of Boise, Idaho, took the stage and accepted The Story Prize for his collection Memory Wall, a book of six stories set in locales across the globe and sharing memory as a key element. The $20,000 award Doerr received, in addition to an engraved silver bowl, is the largest first-prize amount of any annual U.S. book award for fiction. Runners up Yiyun Li of Oakland, California and Suzanne Rivecca of Boston, each received $5,000.

That grabbed my attention. I happen to write literary fiction, and in this time when the publishing industry is changing quickly and it’s harder than ever to be published by traditional publishers—and easier than ever to self-publish—it occurs to me that serious writers need a way to stand out from the nearly 400,000 new titles published each year. An award is one way.

There are many awards out there, and any of them are helpful. Yes, the Story Prize, an Oscar for screenwriting, and the Nobel or Pulitzer Prize for fiction may be at the top of the list, but awards of any sort make you stand out.

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