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Go postal efficiently
I was standing in a long line at the post office thinking, "Man, I'm glad I'm not behind the counter giving postage," when it occurred to me the nearest clerk was probably thinking, "Man, I'm glad I'm not in that long line just standing." A class never offered in graduate...
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Gerald Locklin
 It happens every semester in my Introduction to Literature class at Santa Monica College. The students' faces look like they just witnessed Icarus plop at their feet, bones cracking, his wing's hot wax spewing across their arms.  I'd just announced we'll now spend five weeks in poetry. For their...
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I'll toot my horn, now that I have something new to toot: The Brightest Moon of the Century, a comic novel about a young Minnesotan blessed with "experience," has landed at the top on three literary websites. First, Wendy Runyon, the Literary Feline at Musings of a Bookish Kitty...
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A Humble Man
Writing is like golfing. You can feel on top of the world, thinking you've perfected your swing, then after a series of bad shots, you are humbled. You might even listen to advice. I wrote a novel three years ago, and after I polished it, I left my agent and sought a new one. It's difficult...
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Self-publisher can get frustrated, too
  The forty-billion-dollar book industry is in flux because its old business model of consignment, where bookstores can return unsold books, isn't working, according to a Time magazine article earlier this year. Consignment is great for bookstores, which are squeezed for profit, but the shipping...
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"Err! Those self-published authors!"
To paraphrase Bette Davis, "Self-publishing isn't for sissies." Let me explain. In April at the AWP Convention, I'll be moderating a panel called "To Publish or Self-Publish: The Changing Landscape of Publication." It's been on my mind, and I've seen in Kindle forums and...
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David Scott Milton
David Scott Milton taught me playwriting at USC. I'd never written a play before, but when I attended the Master of Professional Writing Program, I needed to study in three genres. I wanted to write novels and screenplays, which is why I joined the program at USC, but a third genre? I'd heard great...
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In the early eighties, fresh with an MFA in creative writing, I joined Prelude Press as its senior editor, and we put out computer books by one person, Peter McWilliams. I was one of seventeen people working for Peter. With a very active mind and a huge entrepreurial will, Peter started out...
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  The Christmas train is racing around the bend, and I'm still not ready to hop on. I love Christmas, but I find myself between projects, which has created a need stronger than the holiday.  I turned in my novel to my agent last week, after working on it for two years. Once he reads it and gives me...
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Author R.J. Keller interviewed me a few weeks ago, and the published result came out today. Compared to my last playful post, I'm certainly more serious. An excerpt is below. For the full interview and a good chance to win a book, click on the link at the bottom. --Chris R.J. Keller: People often...
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  My street just went on vacation. Thought Cabo San Lucas might be great--grab a few shots of tequila, witness a wet t-shirt contest, maybe find a little calle and go curb to gutter. Hell, the street hadn't had a break since the 1920s, before the Great Depression. Here it was, witness to...
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  I find myself one week away from talking to an auditorium full of people on "The Pursuit of Truth in Fiction." I was kindly invited by Santa Monica College to talk about and read my work as part of its literary series. I said, "I'd love to," and days later when I was asked...
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THE GREAT LOS ANGELES DEBATE: PINK’S VS. CARNEY’S by Chris Tattu In my English composition class at Santa Monica College, I had my students write a comparison-and-contrast essay, and I suggested, among several choices, comparing two restaurants. One young man, Chris Tattu, compared the chili dogs...
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The production of my play "Who Lives?", which was performed in Los Angeles at the Pico Playhouse during the month of March, has earned five Ovation Award nominations. The Ovations are Los Angeles' top theatre awards. A play can earn nominations if enough L.A. Stage Alliance members see...
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  I never took a full-fledged course in Shakespeare. Rather than pine for something interesting I missed, I'm taking a class at UCLA Extension, taught by the knowledgeable Dr. Russell Stone. I thought I would be one of the older people in the course, but there seem to be many older than me. They...
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