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3 Surefire Tips to Be a Great Writer (A Video)

I tried something new last year: teaching online. I live and write in California, but I’ve been teaching creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University via the internet. I’ve never been to New Hampshire. Even so, part of me is there. It’s a new world.

One thing I quickly learned about teaching online: I don’t see my students, and they don’t see me. I now ask them to upload a picture of themselves. In turn, I learned iMovie on my new Mac, and I’ve created a couple of teaching videos. I’ve had great response to them.

This led to another type of video, one for the general public on how to make it big in writing: getting rich-rich-rich from your efforts. You didn’t know there’s money to be had without having to go through agents or even traditional writing advice? Here are my surefire tips to get there. It’s short, four-and-a-half minutes.