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Imagine a three-day film festival in a giant complex where you had a selection of 33 movies every 90 minutes, and each of the 500 movies would be shown only once. Add to that more than 12,000 attendees vying for the choices over the three days. That gives you an inkling of what it felt like to...
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“Why are you here?” a poet at a booth in AWP’s Book Fair asked me. That could be answered a number of ways, from how and why I was conceived, to how a chance mixture of chemicals and lightning created life on Earth, to “To be.” My pause made him ask it another way. “Are you a writer, professor, or...
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When I was ten, my parents gave me a telescope, and I formed an astronomy club. Suburban Minneapolis had the benefit of many stars. As my four friends and I met one evening at sunset, ready for the blanket of stars, the full moon slipped up over the horizon and surprised us. The huge dish...
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I witnessed some great songs played last night at the Sting/Paul Simon concert. They played individual sets solo with their own musicians, and then for several songs they combined forces and musicians. In fact, they started out together with both singing on Sting's "Brand New Day" then on Simon's "...
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"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read." -- Groucho Marx As I tell my students, a good story is as important as a great brain surgeon. That’s because stories help us understand our lives. We only get one life each, and at times we zoom through our...
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I’m an accidental publisher. I never intended to go the route I have, starting my own publishing company. I had an agent, and I was doing what I wanted to do: writing quality fiction. However, after I’d published a number of short stories in journals, enough to make a book, I suggested a book of...
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When I took my first creative writing class, a poetry class, in college at the University of Denver, I did it because I needed to fill in some credit hours. English had never been my favorite subject because most of my professors had made me feel that to truly understand a book, you needed to be an...
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I’m in the middle of putting together a brand new class at Santa Monica College for students new to fiction writing. While I’ve taught many introductory creative writing classes elsewhere, what makes this different is that it’s over seventeen weeks instead of six to ten. While I have taught longer...
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A few years ago, I discovered the blog tour, a way to get one's new book seen and talked about. My novel Blood Drama had its first tour last June when the book was published, and next month, February, Partners in Crime will take it on a tour. The following came from Laurie Jenkins' interview of me...
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Sometime today I will hit 500,000 views for this page on Red Room. It was just a little over a year ago I reached one-quarter million. That’s not viral. That’s simply steady writing. You can do it, too. Success has many definitions, and there are also many ways to feel unsuccessful. Some people...
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Yesterday I received a text that said, “This is Whit’s sister. He is in hospice in deep sleep with end stage liver disease. Prognosis is days to a week or so. Call me if you like.” Normally, I get texts just from my fifteen-year-old daughter,  such as “Pick me up at 3 plz.” I get few other...
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Sixty is not the new fifty. Sixty is what it is: beyond middle-age. I’m not saying this to be mean. It’s just that my friends here in the Baby Boom Generation don’t want to talk about it. Sixty is hard to accept. So are the AARP envelopes that go in the trash unopened. Heck, we have concerts to go...
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For all the positive talk in the media about eBooks, eBooks are only 20% of books sold, according to a USA Today article this year. That still represents a lot of books: 457 million eBooks sold last year, compared to 557 million hardcover books and a sea of paperbacks. Still, there’s a huge...
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When I first started writing, I aimed to be a “serious young writer,” which is why after working as a stock clerk at a Hollywood camera store and then as a tile salesman in the San Fernando Valley, I joined an MFA writing program at USC. I adored my time at the university and made good friends...
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At times, writing is an Olympic event requiring the mental and physical stamina of someone hurtling down the ice chutes of the bobsled. To stay in writing shape, I’ve learned I have to leave my desk a few times a day and actually be physical and exercise. This is tough for someone who loves the out...
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