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Rotten Food

Novel ideas continued.  This idea is in a triology series about a character named June House.  The novel titles are as follows:  Dandelion Queen, Television Skies, Notes Under the Door, then Rotten Food the idea I wanted to jot down today, Iced Mary and Voices Other People Don't Hear.  The last set, Fixed-Up, Almost Paris and Outside Paris.  The series chronicals the childhood, young adulthood and adulthood of June.  

Rotten Food is a book about an alcoholic mother and father and the mother gets sober but the father doesn't.  And that although June and her brother Todd had always wished for their mothers sobriety they have continued problems and there lives are not totally changed.  June had started an eating disorder in her childhood and she carefully eats the same foods for every meal and follows the same routines trying to feel normal.  Todd meanwhile is showing signs of instability.