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Christine Kling's Books

In Wreckers' Key, Seychelle pilots her tug Gorda down to Key West, the town that in the 1800s was home to hundreds wrecking schooners. She has come to tow her friend, Nestor Frias, who was piloting a billionaire's luxury power yacht on her maiden voyage when it ran aground – and Nestor claims that modern-day wreckers are once again prowling the Florida reefs and causing yachts to...
Bitter End is loosely based on the real drive-by shooting of Fort Lauderdale millionaire Gus Boulis. In this fictional account, Greek entrepreneur and casino gambling boat tycoon Nick Pontus is shot while piloting his Hatteras up the New River. Seychelle witnesses the shooting of the man who had once married her best friend, Molly, and caused a permanent rift between the two women...
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Seychelle’s life takes a turn when her tug intercepts a swamped fishing boat in the Gulf Stream. Inside the boat are a murdered woman and a little girl in a white dress. When Seychelle returns to shore with the traumatized Haitian girl, she is faced with the border patrol, the police, and an unraveling love affair. Determined to protect the child, and somehow keep her from being...
In Surface Tension, Christine Kling introduces Seychelle Sullivan a tugboat captain who pilots yachts in Fort Lauderdale. After rushing to the aid of a yacht in distress, Sullivan finds herself tangled up in a murder mystery that takes her from swamps to strip clubs to South Florida's offshore reefs.