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From a series I'm working on:

And from ANOTHER series I'm working on, Called Border Songs:

At the Gate

At the gate, we remove our shoes.
We take off our belts.  We give

short men our keys and our keys
are held in grimy red baskets.

We don't talk; we don't look
at each other. The room is filled

with the smell of diesel fuel
and nervous sweat.  The boat
engine rumbles in the distance.
It sounds as if it is arriving; as if

it is leaving. The floor shudders
with the force of it. We hear

splashing, but we cannot see
the water.

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This is very strong work!

Excellent poem. I like your graphics too.

Marilyn Kallet (I teach poetry at the University of Tennessee).

I've been told that literary magazines don't want poems that have been previously published (blogs count.) Did you realize that?

All cheers and here's to continued success--Marilyn

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Hi Marilyn,

 Interesting comment you made on a hotly contested topic.  I've kept a poetry blog since 2002 and it's been responsible for approximately 20% of my publications -- editors see my work on my blog and ask if they can publish it.  There are a few publications that consider private blogs as published venues, but they state that in their submission guidelines and I simply don't submit to them.   In general, editors do not consider work published on your own blog to be "published" -- and I find it a great way to get my work out there. 


Thanks for the comment!

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That's good news!

I'm glad to hear it.   Now I'm confused though.  It sounds like each journal will have its own policy.   This is uncharted territory.  For my part, I think as long as some mags count blog publication as prior publication I will probably be more careful than I have been in the past.

You're a generous spirit and a fantastic poet.  And I'm grateful to be reading your work--Marilyn